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Sample Probe

Sample Probe

Gas Sample Probe

Product Detail

Electrically heated up to 120℃ or 180℃
Sampling of dust loaded process gas
Small volume, fast response time
Easy mounting and maintenance
Self-regulated electrical heater
Outdoor mounting with protective  cover
The control junction box option: Protection Class - IP66
( KTL Certificate No.: 16-039829-01)

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Model A Specification B Specification REMARK
Element Range & Voltage Body Material

             (Steam Type)

Ceramic 5 Micron(DΦ30x150L)

H : Hastelloy-C

M : Monel

S : 316SS

* Option
- Purge Valve Set
- Control J/B Protection
 : IP66 (KTL: 16-039829-01)
Ceramic 10 Micron(DΦ30x150L)

             (Electric Type)

Ceramic 5 Micron / 2P 110VAC 60Hz
Ceramic 10 Micron / 2P 110VAC 60Hz
Ceramic 5 Micron / 2P 220VAC 60Hz
Ceramic 10 Micron / 2P 220VAC 60Hz
caption Basic In Connecting Pipe 3/4" NPT Basic In/Out Total Connecting Pipe 1/4" NPT(F) Special specifications are also made to order.
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