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Double Coil Cooler

Product Detail

Compact high efficiency heat exchangers for cooling high temperature, high pressure liquid or gas samples.
316SS coil is standard with rating to 1000℉ at 5000psig. (540℃at 345 barg)
Exotic materials such as Inconel, titanium and Hastelloy-C on the tube side and Monel cupronickel and SS on the shell side are available.
* Cooling device patent registered product.
  (Patent Number : 10-2476463)


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Model A Specification B Specification REMARK
Coil Volume Coil Material


90cc (1/4"Tube x 6m)

H : Hastelloy-C

M : Monel

S : 316SS

* Option
- Sight Glass
150cc (1/4"Tube x 10m)
270cc (3/8"Tube x 6m)
460cc (3/8"Tube x 10m)
caption Special specifications are also made to order.
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