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Glass Sample Filter

Product Detail

This product is easy to assemble or disassemble.
Glass on the outside of the protection tube(PP) installation.
Sealing gasket material is available in either Teflon or VITON.
Pressure to 80 psig.
The big filtration area than other filters.

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Model A Specification B Specification REMARK
Element Material & Range Body Material

S: Small

HS: High Pressure Small

Ceramic 5 Micron (DΦ40x63L)

S : 316SS

* Option
- Filter Element
- Gasket
Paper 2 Micron (DΦ37x63L)
316SS 5Micron(D30x63L)
316SS 10 Micron(DΦ30x63L)
316SS 20 Micron(DΦ30x63L)

L: Large

HL: High Pressure Large

Ceramic 5 Micron (DΦ40x177L)
Paper 2 Micron (DΦ37x177L)
316SS 5Micron(D30x177L)
316SS 10 Micron(DΦ30x177L)
316SS 20 Micron(DΦ30x177L)
caption Basic In/Out/Drain Total Connecting Size 1/4" NPT(F) Special specifications are also made to order.
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