Moisture Removal

  • Moisture Removal
  • Moisture Removal Unit
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  • Compact high efficiency heat exchangers for cooling high temperature, high pressure liquid or gas samples
    316SS coil is standard with rating to 1000℉ at 5000psig(540℃at 345 barg)
    Exotic materials such as Inconel, titanium and Hastelloy-C on the tube side and Monel cupronickel and SS on the shell side are available

사양 및 주문번호

Model A Specification B Specification Accessories
Cooling Volume Body Material
SAHT-MRU-A-B 04 40cc(1/4"Tube) H : Hastelloy-C
M : Monel
S : 316SS
T : Teflon
 * Auto Drain
05 50cc(1/4"Tube)
06 60cc(1/4"Tube)
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