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  • Glass Sample Filter
  • 제품 상세정보
  • This product is easy to assemble or disassemble.
    Glass on the outside of the protection tube(PP) installation.
    Sealing gasket material is available in either Teflon or VITON.
    Pressure to 80 psig.
    The big filtration area than other filters.

사양 및 주문번호

① 기본적인 In/Out/Drain 전체 연결관 1/4" NPT임
② 특수한 사양도 주문 생산합니다.
Model A Specification B Specification Accessories
Element Material & Range Body Material
S: Small
L: Large
H: High Pressure
(Metal Housing: SS316)
C5 Ceramic 5 Micron (DΦ40x63L) S : 316SS * Ball Valve
* Pressure Gauge
P2 Paper 2 Micron (DΦ37x63L)
S10 316SS 10 Micron(DΦ30x63L)
S25 316SS 25 Micron(DΦ30x63L)
C5 Ceramic 5 Micron (DΦ40x177L)
P2 Paper 2 Micron (DΦ37x177L)
S10 316SS 10 Micron(DΦ30x177L)
S25 316SS 25 Micron(DΦ30x177L)
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