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  • Stainless steel construction
    Pressure to 5,000 psig
    T-type structure for easy maintenance.
    The material of the Elements, possible filter is applicable to the various analyzers.

사양 및 주문번호

① 기본적인 In/Out/Drain 전체 연결관 1/4" NPT(F)임
② 특수한 사양도 주문 생산합니다.
Model A Specification B Specification Accessories

Element Material & Range (SF Model)

Element Material & Range (SSF Model) Body Material
C1 Ceramic 1 Micron (DΦ19.5x54L) Ceramic 1 Micron (DΦ19.5x27L) H : Hastelloy-C
M : Monel
S : 316SS
T : Teflon
* Ball Valve
C5 Ceramic 5 Micron (DΦ19.5x54L) Ceramic 5 Micron (DΦ19.5x27L)
P2 Paper 2 Micron(DΦ17x57L) Paper 2 Micron(DΦ17x28L)
P25 Paper 25 Micron (DΦ17x57L) Paper 25 Micron (DΦ17x28L)
S5 316SS 5 Micron (DΦ16x55L) 316SS 5 Micron (DΦ16x27L)
S10 316SS 10 Micron (DΦ16x55L) 316SS 10 Micron (DΦ16x27L)
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