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  • All of the fluid pH, conductivity, and may take the form of a chamber that is designed to measure the characteristics of any fluid.
    Excellent corrosive saved stainless steel (SS 316) and production.
    Chambers from the bottom of the filled with the flow to configure a fluid, measured.
    Joining part consists of a union type in order to prevent breakage of the sensor cable and easy maintenance.
    Chambers and bracket 2” U-bolting the breakdown of the easy.

사양 및 주문번호

① 기본적인 In/Out/Drain 전체 연결관 1/4" NPT(F)임
② Sensor 의 사양에 따라 Chamber Size 변경 가능.
③ 특수한 사양도 주문 생산합니다.
Model A Specification B Specification Accessories
Connection Size Body Material
SAHT-GLC-A-B 20 3/4“ F.NPT Union Connection P : U-PVC
H : Hastelloy-C
M : Monel
S : 316SS
T : Teflon
*Ball Valve
25 1” F.NPT Union Connection
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