Moisture Removal

  • Moisture Removal
  • Oil & Water Separator
  • 제품 상세정보
  • 24 Unattended Operation.
    Proven Technology.
    Exceed 10 ppm storm water regulations.
    Minimal maintenance requirements.
    Utilizes Oleophobic Fiber Matrix technology which exceeds the performance of ultra filtration technology.

사양 및 주문번호

① 기본적인 In/Out/Drain 전체 연결관 3/4“x 1/4“ NPT임
② 특수한 사양도 주문 생산합니다.
Model A Specification B Specification Accessories
Element Material & Range Body Material
SAHT-OWS-A-B P5 Paper 5 Micron(DΦ65x125L) S : 316SS * Ball Valve
S20 316SS 20 Micron(DΦ65x125L) * Sight Flow Indicator
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